Overcast Software welcomes any kind of project, everything from small personal websites to large enterprice systems. We do a lot of work for the advertising industry and the airline industry. Here are some of our latest projects showcased.

Birta Lífeyrissjóður

One of the largest pension funds in Iceland needed a completely new we presence, which we delivered with Wagtail. The project includes two advanced calculators for loans and pension payout.

The project was programmed by Overcast Software in collaboration with ENNEMM.

Link to project: birta.is


The Icelandic airline WOW air approached us and asked us to consult on the restructure of their websites, to increase throughput and allow their technical team to be able to handle more of the direct programming, but most of that work had been outsourced. We suggested using Wagtail as an open source alternative to the proprietary CMS that was being used at the time, and helped with the programming, introducing the team to Wagtail. We also helped design and program a new bookingflow and booking portal created as a mix of Wagtail sites and React.

Design: Hugsmiðjan (webpage), Overcast Software and WOW Labs (booking portal)


Fully responsive news agency website created in Wagtail. Some of the more advanced features include:

  • Liveblog. Reporters can create news items that can be updated in real time which will prepend the new content to the page for each person reading at the time. Uses React for the javascript part.
  • Fully configurable frontpage. The frontpage is made out of multiple blocks that can be added or deleted or moved around. Each block can have multiple news items, ads or both. This allows the editors to fully configure the whole front page of the web.
  • Longread articles. An article can be released in a standard article format, or as a longread article, where the author gets full access to building blocks that can be chained together for a more in-depth article layout.

The project was designed and programmed by Overcast Software in collaboration with Kjarninn.

Link to project: kjarninn.is

ÁTVR Annual report

ÁTVR (State Alcohol and Tobacco Company of Iceland) wanted to create a web based annual report instead of a printed version. This annual report is content wise the largest one we have ever made and is full of interesting statistics. It also conforms to the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) standard.

We made this website in Wagtail, with a custom modules for GRI, ChartJS, tables and infocircles.


We developed a new website for Borgarleikhúsið, the Reykjavik City Theatre. The criteria was that it would be easy to add new shows, add cast and crew and be connected to the ticket sales operator. The new website runs on Wagtail, offering high level of flexibility in development and content management. Show days are given high visibility on the front page. This, along with a seamless integration with the ticket sales operator system, has increased web sales since the new design was launched.

Link to project: www.borgarleikhus.is

Design: ENNEMM


After having worked with H:N on implementing several custom projects on a smaller scale, they approached us with Auðkenni to see if we could consult with them on a new website. They wanted to completely change the design for the site, while still maintaining the authority and authenticity the company requires. On top of that the need for a secure and flexible CMS was obvious, which led us to Wagtail CMS.

Design: H:N Markaðssamskipti

Resource park

The Resource Park website is the second site we made for HS Orka. The purpose was to illustrate with videos, pictures, graphs and maps how various industries in the southern peninsula of Iceland generate valuable resources for other companies in the area. Electricity and geo-thermal steam being at the core of each company in one way or the other. 

The site is in two languages and contains massive amount of content which is presented and managed using Wagtail's superb content management tools.

Design: H:N Markaðssamskipti 

Gettu Betur

We were approached on the game show's behalf by the largest sponsor, The National Bank of Iceland (Landsbankinn), and asked to create a simple game that could be played on tablets and phones during commercial breaks. Winners were announced regularly throughout the season. The game was a huge success by all measurements.